Zoom Tunes

One of the things I truly enjoy is helping others add joy to their lives by learning to play the Mountain Dulcimer 


On the 1st Tuesday of the month from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm US Eastern Time

Join other learners in an on-line Zoom session from the comfort of your home.  

Tunes are played very slowly to facilitate learning. 

Tricky transitions and/or new techniques are taught along the way.

Tab is available for all tunes.


No one will be able to hear you make mistakes!

Below are agendas and recordings of previous Zoom Tune sessions so you can preview what to expect in upcoming sessions.

Contact me to get on the email list to receive the monthly Zoom Tunes link

While tips are appreciated and help allow me to continue to provide these resources, 

there is NO CHARGE to attend the Zoom Tunes sessions I host

July 2 2024 - Strumming and Rhythm

DulcimerJoy ZoomTunes Agenda July 2 2024 - Rhythm, Strumming, Picking, and more.pdf

June 4 2024 - Fretting Hand Hammer ons, Pull offs, vibrato, bends, and more

DulcimerJoy ZoomTunes Agenda June 4 2024 - Hammers, Pulls, Slides, Harmoncis.pdf

May 7 2024 - Hand Health

DulcimerJoy ZoomTunes Agenda May 7 2024 - Hand Health-1.pdf

April 2 2024 - Expressing Emotion

DulcimerJoy ZoomTunes Agenda April 2 2024 - Expressing Emotion.pdf

March 2024 - Duet Deconstruction

Zoom Tunes Agenda - Mar 5 2024.pdf