Learn to play the Mountain Dulcimer

No one is a born musician!

There is no innate talent to play a musical instrument

Your hands have to learn how to manipulate the instrument to get the music you want. 

To do that, you most practice. The more you practice the faster you progress.

The reward is in the journey 


along the way finding joy in the music you create.

Free Learn to Play Tunes: 

Each link below takes you to a page that contains both videos and tab specifically created to help you learn these popular Mountain Dulcimer tunes.

I believe that it helps to break things down into small chunks when learning something as complex as a new song.  Therefore, these "Learn to Play" pages include tab and videos that break down the songs into very short sections. Then, once you have learned the short sections of the song, I also include "play along" videos that allow you  to play the song at a slightly slower speed.  

While I include tab for the "paper trained" musicians, this is also a great way to learn tunes if you "play by ear"!

If these are helpful to you and want me to create pages like them for other tunes, please  request a tune ... 

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Keys to success on a Mountain Dulcimer ...  

Parts and Fret numbers for a Mountain Dulcimer

A few details about the parts and frets on a Mountain Dulcimer that are helpful to beginning players .... 

If interested, I offer personalized instruction with a live one-on-one zoom sessions