Coleman's March - Learn to Play 

Coleman's March is beautiful when played on the mountain dulcimer.  The original arrangement for this version is unknown.  It is presented here, slightly modified, in this "learn to play" format

Tuning - DAD

Song Structure - A A B B - A section repeats twice with two different endings, then B section is played twice with two different endings

Tab - Coleman's March Learn To Play   - with individual musical phrases marked

Coleman's March Learn To Play Video - With individual musical phrases played separately

In this "Learn To Play" video, after playing the whole section so you can hear where you are going,  I then brake up the song into very short musical phrases;  sometimes only 2 or 3 notes long. See link to annotated Tab above. These sections are played a couple of times each to give you a chance to learn each short phrase individually. Practice the short sections by stopping and replaying the video as much as you need to learn each phrase. While I include tab for the "paper trained" musicians, this is also a great way to learn tunes if you "play by ear"!

Coleman's March Play-Along Video - Whole tune played through slowly

In this "Play along" video I play the tune slowly all the way through so that you can practice playing along.